About us…

Andreas Rogge

Andreas Rogge baut ein Rohrblatt

In 1979 I was curious to learn more about Irish Music so I decided to go where the music came from. Fascinated by the sound of the Uilleann Pipes I was looking for one of the few pipemakers of those days and eventually found Matt Kiernan in Dublin. Because I was still studying, my enthusiasm was much bigger than my financial means. This plus mutual sympathy led me to helping out at Matt’s workshop which in turn helped me to fund my stay in Ireland.

Altogether I spent about over three years in Ireland. During that time Matt had taught me the basics of pipemaking. Back in Germany I started to set up my own workshop to make Uilleann Pipes, but also French and German Bagpipes.

The Workshop

Instrumente warten auf  BearbeitungHaving moved four times so far, the workshop is now located in Wendelsheim near Tübingen in the South West of Germany.

The Team

Anne Tetz, working on a latheAnne Tetz has undergone her apprenticeship up to her master status as wind instrument maker. Anne is also a full-time member of our team.

Hendrik Morgenbrodt, working on a keyHendrik Morgenbrodt works here since the year 2010. In summer 2014 he successfully arbeitet seit 2010 in meiner Werkstatt. Im Sommer 2014 Hendrik successfully passes his journeyman’s examination. He is also the piper of the band Cara.

Heike HorstmannHeike Horstmann works for me for more than 25 years. Besides of being a very good craftswoman she also plays Uilleann Pipes and French Bagpipes. Her skills at the lathe had a significant impact on the design of our instruments.

Antje Klinghammer is my wife is mostly taking care of the leatherwork

The instruments

Master Set Uilleann Pipes in D: VorschaubildMy own construction of the Concert Pitch Set was under continuous developement until Liam Ó Flynn inspired me study and to work on the chanter model of Leo Rowsome. At the same time as my reedmaking skills were growing, a new generation of chanters was evolving. These gave me the opportunity to combine all my experience and the advantages of the Rowsome-Chanter and to realize my own concept of response, volume and ease of overblowing. Certainly, the delopement is never truly finished as every instrument I make, helps to contribute to my experience of making over 200 instruments.

In 1994 I worked on the “Coyne-Set” of Seamus Ennis which is owned by Liam Ó Flynn. My own instrumente in C sharp are based on this instrument.

Our construction of the instruments in B are inspired by a set of Colgan which is owned by Jimmy O’Brien-Moran.

The Pipes in C und B flat are my own developements in the style of Colgan.

Grande Bourbonnaise in tief GAnother developement in which we take pride to present is the Grande Bourbonnaise in tief G. This french bagpipe was inspired by Jürgen Obermeier who was looking for an additional voice for his ensemble compositions.

Since 2014 I am also researching, constructing, and developing regional types of bagpies. The newest member of this family is the “Balinger Sackpfeife”.


My customers are, among others:

  • Liam Ó Flynn
  • Sean Potts
  • Gay Mc Keon
  • Robbie Hannan
  • Peter Browne
  • Martin Nolan
  • Johannes Schiefner
  • Tom Clarke
  • Brian McNamara
  • Kierán Ó Malley
  • Nollaigh MacCarteigh
  • and many more!


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