Glossary: Boxwood (buxus sempervirens)

Boxwood is the hardest and heaviest Western European wood and a classic woodwind material. Even in Renaissance and Baroque times a lot of woodwind instruments were made from boxwood.

Boxwood is especially good to work with and well suited for turning, carving and polishing. The name boxwood is apparently derived from the german word “Büchse” (a shotgun) and points to its former use.

Due to its small trunk diameter and adnations boxwood is somewhat complicated to cut. Small branches are quite common but should not pose any problems when treated correctly.

Instruments made from boxwood are prone to warping. Bend boxwood instruments can be found in many historical museums.

Usually this is just a cosmetic flaw that has no influence on the playability although you should be aware of these facts as a customer.

Material: box tree Material: tuning beads from boxwood