The following images show a small selection of instruments that have been manufactured at our workshop during the past few years.

They are meant to serve as an inspiration for the choice of materials and technical details.

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Uilleann Pipes

Uilleann Pipes: Vorschaubild

For more than 32 years me and my team manufacture Uilleann Pipes to the highest possible standards. During the past years I had the opportunity to measure many historical instruments but I also did a lot of my own experimentation. 

The resulting instruments are very reliable, precise in tuning and have a beautiful sound.

My constructions are mostly based on instruments by Leo Rowsome, Willy Rowsome, Colgan, Coyne and Brogan. Based on these many new constructions emerged, featuring very special acoustic properties.

French Bagpipes

Französische Dudelsäcke: Vorschaubild

My interest in french bagpipes — especially Bechonnet and Berrychonne — was initially prompted by Remy Dubois who was an important teacher and mentor to me. He also taught me how to make the french reed types.

The involvement with other types of french bagpipes is mostly a result of contacts to french bagpipe makers during the “Rencontres internationales de Luthiers et Maîtres Sonneurs” in St. Chartier (now located at Château d’Ars).


Schäferpfeifen: Vorschaubild

In this category you can find a selection of “Schäferpfeifen” that we made in the past.

Some of these instruments are custom made and can not be found in our pricing tables. If you have your own ideas, feel free to contact us and we can see what’s possible.

All instruments are played with the “half-closed” or “french” fingering system.

Hümmelchen and Dudey

Hümmelchen und Dudey: Großansicht

Quiet Renaissance bagpipes in different tunings with 2, 3 or 4 drones.

Historical Bagpipes

All types of bagpipes shown here are our own reconstructions with no existing original instruments. These are more or less byproducts of our work with historical reconstructions. Therefore I used historical image and text documents as a source (e.g. Syntagma Musicum, Michael Praetorius, 1619). This is especially true for the “Balinger Sackpfeife” which I reconsctructed after an original drawing, made in the 17th century in Reutlingen, Germany.

The reconstruction follows the design of our “Schäferpfeifen“. This means the chanter can be overblown and is mostly chromatic. On request we can fit the instruments with keys (which were probably not used in medieval times) to extend the musical possibilities.

Border- and Peacepipes

Peace- und Borderpipes: Vorschaubild

2-3 sentences about the Border- and Peacepipes from Andreas Rogge and what makes them so special. This text does not have to be long — just well done.

Flutes und Whistles

Flute Vorschaubild

Currently we do not make any flutes and whistles.

If you are looking for a custom instrument (perhaps in a weird key) and are not afraid of long waiting periods go ahead and ask us.


Uilleann Pipes, Full Set in C, Detail 1: Vorschaubild

From time to time we offer returned or traded-in instruments at especially low prices.


Flightcases: Vorschaubild

We keep an extensive assortement of accessories for all your bagpipe needs.