Optionen: Großansicht


These options are also available for the french bagpipes

Tuning beads and plugs

  • …make it possible to change the pitch of a drone up to one note higher and thus extend the musical possibilities of the instrument
  • Both systems open a tuning hole in the side of the drone
  • using a tuning bead has the advantage that no loose parts are dangling from the instrument while playing


Schäferpfeife Optionen, Stimmringe: Vorschaubild
Schäferpfeife options, tuning beads: preview
Schäferpfeife Optionen, Stöpsel: Vorschaubild
Schäferpfeife options, plug: preview

F#/F- and Ab-keys

  • The half-closed fingering system of Schäferpfeifen and french bagpipes allow an almost chromatic scale over one and a half octaves
  • Only for the leading note and the minor second there is no fingering. These notes can be facilitated with the help of the appropriate keys.


Schäferpfeife Optionen, 1 Klappe: Vorschaubild
Schäferpfeife options, 1 key: preview
Schäferpfeife Optionen, 2 Klappen: Vorschaubild
Schäferpfeife options, 2 keys: preview