Glossary: Seasoning

From time to time it is neccessary to reseason the bag.

First signs for a leaky bag are an increased air consumption and a worsened response of the instrument. Beware. It is easy to get used to the symptoms without realising the leakage.

Usually you would combine the reseasoning with a general inspection of the instrument at our workshop. But it is also possible to do the reseasoning at home. For this purpose you can find a seasoning guide on our website.

To test for leakage remove all pipes except the blowpipe from the stocks and close the openings with a piece of cork or — anatomy permitting — a finger. After that blow up the bag and sit on it. A bag without leakage will be able to carry the weight of the player for a few minutes without losing any air.

Please contact us if you have some good photographs of this procedure. We would like to publish them in a special gallery.