Schäferpfeife with 4 drones und 3 chanters, bellow-blown

Schäferpfeife, 4 Bordune: Großansicht


  • C
  • D
  • G


  • three chanters in G, D and C with wind caps
  • 5 tuning beads make it possible to use the drones in c, d, e, f, g und a
  • some octaved drones are also possible
  • keys made from nickel silver
  • central switch for all drones, all drones can also be switched off seperately

This is a rather compley instrument made to our customer’s specifications. Because of the various possible combinations it poses quite a challenge for the player. It is also rather expensive…


Schäferpfeife, 4 Bordune, Detail 1: Vorschaubild
Schäferpfeife, 4 drones, Detail 1: preview
Schäferpfeife, 4 Bordune, Detail 2: Vorschaubild
Schäferpfeife, 4 drones, Detail 2: preview